APA Division

A Steering Committee of seven licensed psychologists, who are dedicated to the study of implementation science in their respective areas of psychology, are working to develop a new APA Division: Implementation Science in Psychology.

The purpose of this new Division is to bring together members from all areas of psychology in the service of addressing the gap between science and practice. The opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration through a formal APA Division include capacity for: advancing implementation science and practice, setting guidelines, sharing resources, influencing funding agencies, identifying and providing leadership, and engaging stakeholders at federal, local, practice, and consumer levels. To focus our initial efforts, we have articulated three main goals: (1) facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration; (2) improve knowledge dissemination with creation of a high quality journal; and, (3) offer professional development opportunities for junior colleagues. Without such a Division to bring together expertise from all areas of psychology we fear the field will remain fragmented and limited in terms of its scientific and public health impact. Other disciplines (e.g., medicine, public health, social work) are moving ahead in this new and exciting arena. The Implementation Science in Psychology Division will help to assure that psychologists and psychology has a strong presence in implementation science.

In order to bring this request for a new Division to the APA Council of Representatives, approximately 800 petition signatures are needed. For information about how to sign the petition for Division status, please visit the Society for Implementation Research Collaboration website.