PRIME Materials

PRIME Implementation Supports have been rigorously evaluated and refined based on research results. These results have informed the development of a practitioner-friendly manual. School-based consultants skilled in the areas of problem-solving consultation and selecting evidence-based interventions can refer to this manual to learn about and deliver PRIME Implementation Supports.


The entire PRIME Manual is available for download, or individual parts can be downloaded separately (see below). For an overview of the PRIME Manual, please download the introductory Quick Guide. Further, for an overview of how to select an evidence-based intervention or how to engage in problem-solving consultation, please download the relevant Quick Guide.

Quick Guides

A Brief Introduction to PRIME

Problem-solving Consultation

How to Select an Evidence-based Intervention


Part 1: PRIME Overview

Introduction to PRIME, its key components, and how to implement PRIME

Chapter 1: Introduction to PRIME

Chapter 2: How to Use PRIME


Part 2: Tier 1 Supports

Description of the foundational PRIME Implementation Supports that can be used prior to intervention implementation to facilitate high levels of treatment integrity

Chapter 3: Direct Training

Chapter 4: Implementation Planning


Part 3: Collect Data

Explanation of best practices in data collection, analysis, and decision-making processes for treatment integrity, progress monitoring, and the Implementation Beliefs Assessment data

Chapter 5: Treatment Integrity Data

Chapter 6: Progress Monitoring Data

Chapter 7: Implementation Beliefs Assessment Data


Part 4: Analyze Progress

Description of how to pull together treatment integrity, progress monitoring and Implementation Beliefs Assessment data through graphing and interpretation

Chapter 8: Graphing and Interpreting


Part 5: Identify Next Steps

Explanation of how to review treatment integrity and progress monitoring data to determine the current implementation situation and make data-driven decisions about next steps

Chapter 9: Using Data to Target Implementation Supports in a Multi-Tiered Model


 Part 6: Tier 2 and Tier 3 Support

Description of the additional multi-tiered PRIME Implementation Supports that can be used when available data suggest treatment integrity promotion is needed

Chapter 10: Role Play

Chapter 11: Participant Modeling

Chapter 12: Raising Awareness

Chapter 13: Motivational Consulting

Chapter 14: Performance Feedback



Appendix A: Glossary

Appendix B: Selected References

Appendix C: Frequently Asked Questions

Appendix D: PRIME Tracking Form

Appendix E: General Strategy Guide

Appendix F: Direct Training Strategy & Treatment Integrity Protocol

Appendix G: Implementation Planning Strategy & Treatment Integrity Protocol

Appendix H: Implementation Beliefs Assessment

Appendix I: Data-Based Decision Worksheets A–D

Appendix J: Role Play Strategy & Treatment Integrity Protocol

Appendix K: Participant Modeling Strategy & Treatment Integrity Protocol

Appendix L: Raising Awareness Strategy & Treatment Integrity Protocol

Appendix M: Motivational Consulting Strategy & Treatment Integrity Protocol

Appendix N: Performance Feedback Strategy & Treatment Integrity Protocol